Mon. Jun 14th, 2021
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Fibonacci Blue / CC BY

Our country is currently divided and having some social unrest due to the pandemic and the politicization of many things I never dreamt I would see politicized. Hearing there are radical groups from both sides causing more harm than good is not helping either, peaceful protestors get lumped in with those who serve some radical political group be it right or left.

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Regardless of what political party you support or what theories or facts you stand with or against you are an American. We need to try and bridge the divide in American society and politics so our county can recover from this dark time. The Great American Spirit that got us through 2 world wars, the great depression, and past civil issues is still there within us all.

We as individuals need to find a way to respect one another and reach deep inside ourselves for that compassion and unbreakable spirit we have as a nation. Violence is not the answer to the problems we are facing today be it from the police or those causing riots during peaceful protesting. Our Government needs to get off their party’s bandwagons and get to work on coming together and getting the stimulus bill done. Stop finger-pointing, name-calling, and exaggerating everything Congress and be Adult enough to work out your differences for the good of the people who put you in office and that you are supposed to represent and serve.

All I know if congress doesn’t get their act together soon all those up for re-election are probably doomed to be replaced. The American people are fed up with how slow and ineffective congress has been in the last several months. The Divide in our Government only fuels the divide in our society.

Regardless of what Candidate you support, like or dislike or what party you are affiliated with, get out and vote and make sure to vote for someone that you believe in or can stand with. Just VOTE!

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