Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

The year 2020 has been a tough and quite revealing year for the world. I watch fear and hate come to the forefront of our minds and political rhetoric fill the news media. With the pandemic being on the news almost daily it makes it hard for anyone to find some peace or happiness in their life due to the constant reminder things are not what they used to be.

One of the saddest things i have witnessed in 2020 is the fact that people are becoming numb to the idea that those numbers being reported are actual human beings, its no ones fault its just when you hear how many deaths and infections constantly it seems to make the idea its some ones daughter, mother etc. less in the front of our minds.

I feel we all need to remember that it is real people dying and getting sick during these times, be it from the pandemic or be it citizens being shot by police or killed by other citizens. Regardless of what side you are on politically or what beliefs you are behind you should remember those on the other side are human beings as well, they feel love, fear, and pain just like you do.

Within each of us is a capacity to love and to hate, to show compassion and love is not a weakness, for it takes a strong person to be caring in this world. In Turn to give in to your hate is not a strength, it only feeds the unhappiness within you and causes not only others but your own self pain in the end.

What path in life you choose and how you choose to walk that path is all up to you, just remember life has a tendency of giving back to you what you put into it. (you reap what you sow).

These are sad times for our world, so many getting sick, so many are hungry and so much inequality in our world socially and economically. Though we may have to social distance, it does not mean we can not be there for each other, support one another and make it through these tough times in unity.

Ray Barbier

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