Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

The year 2020 has become a challenge to every nation and every person living due to a pandemic along with civil unrest due to long pressing issues that exist within society. The age old problems within the world such as racial prejudices, sexual , financial inequalities and social inequities still exist, though we have came a long way through the years, there is still a long way to go. In a world where only 2% to 3% control the majority of the wealth and there is still a glass ceiling for women and some races in the employment arena, it is not surprising we have some civil unrest especially when it is amplified by the fact we are facing a pandemic that also is adding fear into the mix.

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The United States is facing the majority of the social unrest during this year due to the unfortunate deaths of citizens by Police officers, The Majority of the response was peaceful protests aimed at the systemic racism within the police forces across the U.S. . Also the U.S. is dealt with a presidential election this year, the incumbent President lost the election by a decent margin of Votes but continues to claim he won and has tried law suites recounts and many other tactics so far to try and overturn the election results. While The president is pursuing this avenue, he is also pushing the notion the election was rigged to his political base and causing even more civil unrest in the country. Though before December is through this will be settled in the congress as the electoral votes are brought there and the deal is sealed as they say. Though how ever it turns out there will be a part of the population unhappy with the result. Lets just hope the loosing side will be good enough sports to move along and work together so we can face the other challenges before us.

With Social unrest, social inequality, Social injustice and political division on top of a pandemic, the year 2020 will be one year we all will want to put behind us. The only way foreword is to face the challenges before us, come up with creative solutions to those challenges that are fair and include all walks of life. In the end it does not matter what political party you support or belong to, what race you were born in to or what sex you are or prefer. We all are human beings and citizens of this wonderful planet we call earth.

All of our technological advancements and advancements in medicine and science, yet we still use fossil fuels, health issues are on the rise. All the industrial might and money flowing and there is still people without homes, food or a job with a decent wage. Social security is not enough to live on and they make you wait till your too old to enjoy retirement to receive it. Minimum wage is barely enough for one to live in a car and eat neither the less an apartment. Many things need to be addressed and solutions need to be found. Some of the solutions can be in the hands of the common citizen, but for the most part it lays in the hands of the government, corporate giants and industry to make changes.

I am hoping with the coming of a new year, we all can find our way to being a more sympathetic and compassionate society based on equality, justice and that we could take our role as caretakers of this world more seriously. We need to think of the needs and health of others as much as we think of our own, freedom is something we have been given and seem we at times take it for granted, we forget that with freedom comes great responsibilities. To see that there is hunger, homelessness, domestic violence / Violence of any kind in a country as rich as the United States after all these years is kind of depressing and disappointing. The fact we are still dealing with racism, sexism and such still is a very sad thing as well.

Well that is all for my long overdue Random Thoughts Rant about 2020, I hope everyone stays safe and we all find some happiness in the madness of this world.

Ray Barbier.

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